Co. History

Lebanon Oak Flooring Co., LLC is a manufacturer of multiple wood products including hardwood flooring, stair treads, risers, handrails, mouldings and edged glued panels.  These are all part of our diversified product mix.  We strive to obtain the finest quality of red oak, white oak, maple, cherry, hickory, ash and walnut to produce products unparalleled in quality.

Lebanon Oak Flooring Co., LLC is a long time family business.  From 1935 through today, the Goodin family has made a lifelong commitment to selling quality, not only in wood products, but more importantly nurturing enduring relationships with all of our customers.  Whether our family of customers buy truckloads or pickup loads, they are all our "best" customers.

As time changes and taste in different types of wood products emerge, we strive diligently to react proactively.  With a wonderful combination of years of woodworking experience, and a positive vision of service we will work extremely hard to be your one stop for your flooring and dimension needs.

We service our customers from coast to coast and into Canada.  We use only Appalachian hardwoods in our products.  From the original sawmill that marks the beginning of Lebanon Oak Flooring Co., LLC in the late 1800's to today and beyond, we will continue to treat our customers with utmost honesty, integrity and provide the best in wood products.

Lebanon Oak Flooring - Circa 1900's

Past Partners/Owners

Joe Goodin

Joe Goodin

Joe Goodin

J Lee Goodin