Fact Sheet

  1. A board foot of 5/16" flooring will lay a square foot of floor space.  It is solid oak and has more wearing depth than 1/2" or 3/4" tongue and groove flooring.

  2. Once floor is laid, there is little visible difference between 5/16" flooring and T & G flooring.  They are sanded and finished the same way.  Different type of machines and nails are used to lay floor.

  3. Labor to lay-sand-finish 5/16" flooring is approximately the same as for T & G.

  4. Cost of 5/16" strip flooring is 15-25% less than T & G and is square edged.

  5. Cost of 5/16" plank flooring is 20-30% less than T & G in either beveled or square edged.

  6. The average length of 5/16" plank & strip flooring is 50 to 60% longer than other oak flooring.  The appearance may be more pleasing as there are less pieces in floor.

  7. Also used as feature strips with other manufacturers 5/16" parquet flooring or cut to pickets to make smaller blocks appear as larger pattern type flooring or for other desired effects.

  8. 1000 bd. ft. of 5/16" x 2" equals 6000 Lineal ft. of feature strips.

  9. Since flooring is 5/16" of an inch thick, it is used to cover other floors, in remodeling work, laid over tile in entrance halls, over linoleum in kitchens & baths, in other rooms where wall to wall carpet is removed or over other type of floorings.

  10. The 5/16" plank is also used as borders for parquet floor and 3" plank is used as feature strip with blocks as in No. 9 above.

  11. The 5/16" plank is also used as wainscoting and wall paneling.